An Unimposing Introvert

Have you also discovered that being soft spoken has more drawbacks than benefits?

Anxiety attacks and me

I have anxiety and sometimes I feel like I am drowning. It's as though my world is ending, and I am caught in a feeling of utter despair. It sneaks up on me when I am at work, or even when I am relaxing. My soul flutters and I feel like running far away, hiding … Continue reading Anxiety attacks and me


Sunday Movie Review: Legally Blonde

If you're looking for a movie that will make you laugh, cheer, and feel empowered, look no further than the 2001 movie masterpece - Legally Blonde.

Workplace anxiety and feelings of dread

Being an adult isn't easy - with taking care of your health, paying the bills and making sure your family has enough to get by, it's important that you do not lose yourself in a difficult workplace.

Wenesday Short Story – Prompt – Snow

On a frosty cold night, in the most unlikely of places, love blossoms between two young souls.

Weighing In – Am I Enough?

Just how much is enough to feel adequate?

A Chance For Glory

I am a story in search of a purpose.

Dealing with hard times

So hold on, love. You got this. Today, tomorrow and every day afterwards, are yours to scale. Move forward with strength and belief, knowing you only have to conquer 24 hours at a time.

Note to Self

My happiness is my own and no one else's. I'll hold on to my dreams without losing my senses. I'm dragging through the dirt, But I am counting the stars. I'll fall apart and break, I'll build myself stronger, Until one day, I will look back at my wake, in awe and wonder.     … Continue reading Note to Self

Better than Revenge – Chapter 1

Jason finally hit send on his project report at 11:59pm and let out a tired sigh of relief. The semester was officially over for him, but he felt as though his soul was sucked dry.  He let out a yawn and rubbed his eyes, only to begin smiling as he thought of his girlfriend Sally. … Continue reading Better than Revenge – Chapter 1

Not Alone

The feeling of being isolated and solitary in the big wide world is unpleasant. No matter how independent we like to be, sometimes these thoughts creep up on us and leave us feeling inadequate. It doesn't have to be that way.

Haiku Week – Day 1 – Kiss

Candle Lit    Close enough to kiss, She whispered, “Love, there’s spinach, Stuck between your teeth.”     #Haiku poem, free, best, candle, romance, soft, humour, fun, sweet, date, night, kiss, teeth, spinach, poetry, short, cute, love, dinner, drinks, close

Chapter 10 : Tabloid

Chapter 10 : Tabloid  Jack Dixon has been voted the sexiest bachelor in business! He's tall, dark and handsome. With eyes that seem to x-ray one's soul and an intimidating personality, he makes his presence felt without so much as a word. His company Dixon Enterprises, started by his father Jeffery, went into bankruptcy when … Continue reading Chapter 10 : Tabloid

Chapter 9 : Broken Heart

Chapter 9 : Broken Heart "Come in." came a pleasant voice. Jack sighed with relief. If not anything else she at least sounded fine. One less weight on his newly developed conscience. Jack pushed open the white door to see Brielle sitting on her bed, reading a book placed on her lap. She looked up as he … Continue reading Chapter 9 : Broken Heart

Chapter 8 : Advice

Chapter 8 : Advice  "Shes not waking up." Raul said raising his hands dramatically. "Why the hell is she not waking up?" "I said she's resting. Stop creating a ruckus." said Sebastion checking his phone.  Max, Melly and their father had gone home after a couple of hours and Jack was rejoined by his coworkers … Continue reading Chapter 8 : Advice